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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Natural State Research personnel:

Pushpendra Kumar Panchal
Dr. Moinuddin Sarker
Mohammad Mamunor Rashid

All of these researchers, who are pictured above, are knowingly taking advantage of a woman suffering from psychosis due to ceasing her meds for Paranoid Schizophrenia. These are not people you want working for you.

For Dr. Moinuddin Sarker and Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Panchal, they received these PDFs in 2005 and have been there ever since! These people are all evil bastards! Or do you believe Karin when she says she can telepathically communicate with cars and computers? They all know what is on her business sites.

Click to download these three PDFs, which prove they knew:

Natural State Research
Intro to the Old School House, Karin Kaufman's psychotic opus
Karin Kaufman is a Paranoid Schizophrenic

Moin is NOT a chief or lead scientist of any sort, a psychotic woman who has declared she has the right to use nuclear weapons gave him that title. And if you google for Moin, you'll see that he's running a number of web businesses on the side. Is that the sort of person you want working for you, who will list his cellphone on his business pages so he can get calls while inside the workplace? And of course, there's the complete lack of morals as shown by his knowingly taking advantage of a sick woman.

Pushpendra Panchal Kumar equally knows that he is taking advantage of a mentally ill woman. If you look at NSR's web site, you'll see that Pushpendra has declared an utterly false title for himself: that he's a research scientist in the Department of Design and Fabrication. There is no fabrication department or facilities of any sort at NSR.

One can only look in wonder at the brochure on the NSR web site. It names no products or services. It simply begs for someone to contact them. How bizarre.

Mamun Rashid has been there long enough to know he's not doing any real work too. They are all collecting checks for doing nothing but turning in fake progress reports in Karin's quest to supply the world with a break-though fuel.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How evil is NYC lawyer Harvey S. Mars? #5

Yet another picture to illustrate how NYC lawyer Harvey S. Mars is knowingly taking advantage of a paranoid schizophrenic that has stopped taking her meds.

Here is poor Karin Kaufman putting up her grandmother as Hitler - Hitler reincarnated into and taking control of Karin's grandmother.

What do you have to say for yourself, Harvey?

How does it feel to take financial advantage of an incompetent?

This post is my documented opinion.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How evil is NYC lawyer Harvey S. Mars? #4

Here is psychotic Karin Kaufman, speaking about her theory of All-Time criminals running drug and terrorist cartels world-wide. One of the major All-Time (can slide from body to body) criminals is Dictator Hirohito. Whom else did this evil being slide into and take over? Cindy Crawford, and Kate Moss among others.

Karin believes she is a major player in the world's affairs, and that her cat Logan sent Vice President Dick Cheney the locations of terrorist drug cartel installations which were then destroyed. Yep.

Here is an excerpt of cartel one from Karin Kaufman's psychotic opus the Old School house.

Well, Harvey Mars, what do you have to say for yourself regarding taking advantage of a paranoid schizophrenic? This is all material that you've seen before even filing the lawsuit that you lost.

Mars knows Karin is out of her mind, paranoid and suffering. So what does Harvey do? Take financial advantage of her in a lawsuit that ran two years and seven months.

This is my well documented opinion.


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Natural State Research,kaufman astoria studios

Saturday, September 1, 2007

How evil is NYC lawyer Harvey S. Mars? #3

And now, the first image indicating what is going on with Harvey Mars as lawyer for psychotic Karin Kauman: Mars is propping her up in court, in a lawsuit for $35 million against me. Mars is raking in the bucks on this one.

My crime? Trying to get Karin into treatment.

After posting material like this for Karin for months, I decided to call the Westchester County Crisis Team to get her into treatment. Karin had stopped taking her meds, in particular 'Haldol', a powerful anti-psychotic drug.

Mars knew that Karin was psychotic before taking on the lawsuit. He is a piece of scum. He is making money off of a woman that he knows is incompetent to make her own decisions.

What does NYC lawyer Harvey Mars have to say for himself? Nothing. Hey, way to go Mars, taking advantage of a helpless sick woman.

Just my documented opinion.



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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How evil is NYC lawyer Harvey S. Mars? #2

Harvey Mars knew Karin Kaufman is way crazy, and in fact dropped claims of defamation for me calling Karin crazy when New York State Supreme Court Justice Richard F. Braun said I could have a mental health examination of Karin to defend myself.

In my documented opinion, NYC lawyer Harvey Mars is indeed an evil bastard.


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How evil is NYC lawyer Harvey S. Mars?

It really disgusts me that Harvey S. Mars hired a "forensic psychiatrist"/lawyer to say bad things about me and claim Karin was able to make her own decisions.

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Natural State Research

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Monday, August 27, 2007

I think I need to file a complaint with the bar

This is regarding an ongoing saga of a rich real estate family in NYC, the Kaufmans, and the psychotic family member that they refuse to help.

Her name is Karin Kaufman. The real estate empire:

Her daddy is the filthy rich Melvyn Kaufman.

Anyway, let me get this first post done.

How evil is NYC lawyer Harvey S. Mars? (Harvey Mars)

Even the mentally incompetent deserve legal representation,
but not to allow them to operate psychotic visions
of companies. Karin Kaufman believes she is in contact
with world leaders and is saving the world by creating
a new fuel that only she knows how to make, and that
she is identifying the world's all-time criminal cartel
drug dealers. These all-time criminals turn out to
be her family members, her neighbors, her ex-friends
and her ex-employees.

Lawyer Harvey S. Mars makes plenty of money. He has
repeatedly sued Liza Minelli, and in 2006 he made $74,137
doing arbitrations for the Local 802 Musician's union.

So why lead a psychotic woman to her ruin? Is he that
greedy a bastard that he would take advantage of a
client that he knows is psychotic? He is currently
running two lawsuits in NYS Supreme Court on her behalf.
Karin is spending major money on her hallucinatory
vision of a research laboratory.

Pull up the site for more information.

BTW, there is nothing defamatory in the above, because
questions are not statements of fact, and this is an
opinion blog (with documentation).